Moon Settlement
We are an active L5 Society.
The L5 point(EML5) is the best location for a space colony
in the Earth-Moon System.
We coordinate the engineering details to create that colony.
Sacramento L5 Society

Mission - Help enthusiastic people find ways to actively contribute.

  • Provide sources of enabling training to facilitate engineering prototyping.
  • Establish a clearinghouse for the ongoing objective analysis of proposed space development technologies.


  • Inspire collaboration among people and groups who support and engineer practical, implementable, cost-effective paths to space settlement.

 Goal -  Consistent interaction among an ever growing number of participants.

  • Publish a record of engineering successes and project achievements.

Solar Energy Will Power the Moon

In the human race’s distant past, the world was effectively boundless. The L5 Society was originally founded on the vision that it’s possible to recreate early man’s boundless world.

Unfortunately, we now know that space is filled with a sleet of deadly cosmic radiation, from all directions. To settle outside Earth’s magnetic field will require living behind permanent shielding 6 meters thick in each direction. Fortunately for humanity, we have the Moon right on our doorstep, which can provide nearly all the basic requirements for self-sufficient space settlements of tens or even hundreds of millions.
There remains a critical problem: For two weeks out of each month, the Moon’s surface sees no sun. The Sacramento L5 Society has uncovered a practical solution to that problem based on clean, bountiful solar energy.

The 2015 Sac SL5S Analysis
What’s the most practical way to use solar energy to sustain a permanent Moon base through the two week long lunar night? In 2015, The Sacramento L5 Society took on the task of trying to answer that question.
Solar Energy Will Power the Moon
The 2016 SL5S 100&Change Submittal

In 2016, the SL5S entered the “100&Change” grant contest. Their entry focused on helping solve the enormous problems resulting from the ongoing collision between linear population growth and growing demand for resources. To solve this problem, they've proposed mitigating the impact of this collision with Lunar Surface Resource Utilization (LSRU). LSRU enables the development of environmentally neutral resources and the establishment of the foundations for full lunar settlement. To promote the timely development of LSRU, we've proposed immediate development of Aggressively Collimated Technology (ACT) based on a new thin-film lens technology. The orbiting of a solar-powered ACT-enabled laser platform at Earth/Moon Lagrange point 1 (EML1) will allow the platform’s laser beam to economically and continually broadcast power to any point on the lunar surface for purchase by entities requiring continual power. Over time, a public Lunar Power Utility (LPU) will be created, including power grids extending outward from the lunar poles. The LPU will set reasonable rates for it’s power, thus encouraging timely development of LSRU while simultaneously generating net income.
Settling Space Video
Spaceports in Space where they belong!
Spaceports in Space where they belong!
Spaceports in the desert sound dusty? Would you put seaports in the desert?
How about Space Ports in Space?
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Published in Analog Science Fact and Fiction and Authored by Roger Arnold and Donald Kingsbury
These articles describe a novel cheap energy way to get into Low Earth Orbit.
And once in LEO you are 90% of the way to anywhere.
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